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    THOR has returned to Coffs Harbour. Come fly with us.


Experience the extreme thrill of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane!

THOR is Australia’s very first outdoor Vertical Wind Tunnel designed and built to exacting aeronautical specifications – you can now experience the exhilaration of free falling with a rush of air traveling at over 200km/h, levitating you into a mind blowing hover metres above the flight deck and high above the ground.
If you are looking for a new extreme, adrenalin pumping activity to try these holidays you’ve found it with ‘THOR’.
This is the tunnel. Experience wind gusts of 200 km/h to keep you floating high.
Standing 4 meters off the ground, prepare for lift-off.
Climb the stairs to begin the best experience of your life.


Thor is a roaming, wandering wind tunnel. However, he will be based in Coffs Harbour for your flying fun. If you want Thor to travel please enquire at xtremebodyflight@gmail.com

  • Coffs Harbour

    Based on Hardaker Lane - just off Hogbin Dr, Toormina NSW



Experience an awesome freefall simulation in Australia’s only mobile wind tunnel from as low as $49 or go twice the thrill and take the 30,000ft package and receive lots of action photos of you in the flight chamber. Why not include our wind tunnel skydiving experience as part of a special event (eg: events, promotions, bucks party, hens night, birthday party, office party…etc)? or let us design your TEAM BUILDING experience to suit your company needs.

15,000ft Freefall! $49 / $59

Awesome indoor skydiving experience equivalent to falling for 15,000ft!

Children (5 - 15 yrs) / Adults

$49 / $59
30,000ft Freefall!!! $69 / $79

Awesome indoor skydiving experience equivelent to falling for 30,000ft with FREE media package. Fly your body with us and take home the photos to prove it!

Children (5 to 15 yrs) / Adults

$69 / $79
Family Package $256

Family Pass for (2 adults & 2 children)
$10 discount per person, including a FREE media package!

** only available on the 30,000ft freefall flights. Select 'Family Pass' when booking.

Group Flyers

We design your TEAM BUILDING experience to suit your company needs.

Integrated workshops available.



Interested in taking the leap today? Here's some extra info:

With the help of a certified instructor, you will be flying after a brief 15-minute training class.

Come as you are and we will provide all of the necessary gear to make your dream of human flight come true.

A vertical wind tunnel is a high-powered mobile mechanical system designed to create enough high-speed air flow to simulate skydiving.

Our custom system is mobile, meaning that it does not require a permanent facility.

We can move around to special events, shows, and just about any other location!

Bodyflight is the development of a skill allowing you to fly your body in a controlled manner in a wind tunnel.

Experience flyers actually compete in a sport, also called Bodyflight.

Extreme bodyflight’s wall to wall wind tunnel is the perfect environment for the quickest development of this skill due to the professional instruction, quality of the airflow and no risk of falling out of the air column.

Tunnel flying is not scary; there is no jumping, no falling and there is no experience needed.

You are simply floating on a column of air.

There is no sensation of falling or anything that would make you feel motion sickness.

Extreme Bodyflight utilizes a superior tunnel system with a wall to wall flight chamber technology.

It’s so SAFE that virtually anyone that is in reasonable health and fitness CAN FLY!

No experience is necessary.

As with anything, there are a few reasons why some people should not participate. Please check the list below to make sure that you qualify. You can fly as long as you:

Do not weigh more than 110kg.

Are at least 5 years of age and fit into our gear

Are not pregnant

Have not suffered from a prior shoulder dislocation

Are not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs

We do require a waiver to be signed, parents or legal guardians for anyone under the age of 18.

We recommend that you make a flight reservation in advance, due to the increasing popularity of Bodyflight.

Sessions sell out quickly.

We offer various packages but each one includes your training session, use of all the flight gear, your flight time in the tunnel, hands-on personal assistance from your instructor and a flight certificate.

You will need to wear sneakers in the tunnel and may want to bring your own.

We group several people in each class; actual class size varies on the type of flight tickets. Your friends/family will be part of the same group, however, you will fly one at a time in the flight chamber one-on-one with your instructor.

Once you have gained more flight experience you will be able to fly with others of the same skill level in the tunnel.

If someone chooses just to watch, they are welcome to accompany you though your experience and can watch from the complimentary observation area.

Extreme Bodyflight’s first concern is for your safety in the flight chamber, so the tricks or flips are done by experienced flyers only. Some flyers are able to do turns, move up and down and front to back during their first flight.

Be sure to ask your instructor how to advance your flight skills. Once your skills are more developed, tunnel flying is an exciting sport.

Extreme Bodyflight utilizes wall to wall wind technology along with professionally trained instructors to allow flyers to safely enjoy their flight session.

Your flight instructor is with you throughout your entire flight experience.




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Lawrence Hill

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Xavia Hill

Regan Labatt

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